Extensive Portuguese

Extensive Portuguese

Join our Extensive Portuguese course in Porto, a lighter option for learning the language. The course includes group lessons in the morning from 9am to 11am, allowing you to immerse yourself in the Portuguese culture while progressing at your own pace.

Key features of our Extensive Portuguese course:

  • Group lessons led by experienced instructors
  • Small class sizes for personalized attention
  • Option to book accommodation in a host family for an authentic experience

Don't miss the opportunity to start your Portuguese journey in the beautiful city of Porto. Enroll now!

Number of hours/ weekTimetableextra activities free of chargeclass materials included in pricePrice/ week*
Extensive Portuguese10 group lessons9am - 11amyesyes150€

* All courses imply the payment of a registration fee (40€) valid for 1 year.  | Outdoor Lessons and Social Activities are free of any extra charge. | Students are to pay for their own expenses, which may include transport, entries in museums, refreshments, etc. | Social Activities are subject to a minimum number of 4 students.

4+ weeks=10% off course price.

4 Weeks8 Weeks12 Weeks

Host Family250€/ weekcheck-in on Saturdays | check-out on Sundays
Extra nights = 50€

Class Details
No. of Students
2-6 students
150,00 € / 10 hours